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Liner notes for 'Open Invitation' (2014) by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach WTM 361395 1. Count Me In 2. Propulsion 3. Open Invitation 4. Init2Winit 5. Charmed Life 6. Lovelight 7. Let’s Do This Thang 8. Let It Slide 9. Aurora Borealis 10. Carte Blanche Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: all trumpet, alto and c flutes, flugelhorn, valve trombone, evi Lew Laing Jr: all keyboards, bass, programming Greg Manning; piano solo (Propulsion) Bob Baldwin: piano solo (Charmed Life) Bob Mintzer: tenor sax (Let It Slide) Cal Harris Jr: piano solo (Open Invitation) Rock Hendricks: tenor sax (Aurora Borealis) Cory Weeds: alto sax (Carte Blanche) Adam Rohrlick: guitar parts and solos (Count Me In, Init2Winit) Olaf Deshield: guitar solo (Let's Do This Thang) Dameian Walsh: tenor sax (Init2Winit) Sekou Bunch: bass (Count Me In, Init2Winit, Propulsion) Tony Saunders: bass  (Aurora Borealis) Dee & Brittani Cole: vocals (Lovelight) Allen 'EZ' Smithee: drums Dedicated to the late  Alan Ash, a great friend and supporter, who supplied me with hand picked trumpets over the years (that I still use!) Mastering and mix consultant:  Craig Zurba (MR&D); Photo credits: John Rak (Artona Group) for all shots except cd tray; Sylvia Ronahan for under cd tray; Graphics:  Windtunnel Multimedia; Sheet music prep: Miles Black Music; Pressing Preproduction: Troy Tremblay ( Many thanks to all the great contributors and who helped make this record a reality. You are all stars in your own rights, and I am honored to have you as guests and collaborators on this project! Sylvia Ronahan, my loving wife, friend, muse, and unconditional supporter; Neal Sapper for 20 years of getting my stuff to radio; Willi Germann jazz consultant; Lew Laing for being a simpatico musical genius and astute musicality across the board; Dave Love at Innovative Entertainment Solutions; Doug and Mary Kirk and Stu Berketo at WAVE.FM; Rino Zalamea and Jesse Brook at Long and McQuade for excellent horn servicing; Derek and Diane Oelmann  for providing a sweet musical homebase; Raj Mutti and Johnny Rock DeFazio for jazzin' up the Hard Rock; From Lew: The way we composed and recorded this project was so very 21st at its best!  Gabe your a consummate professional, great businessman, producer, fantastic musician, #1 on the planet email sender, and through all the re-takes and revisions, we got it done!  Its been my pleasure working with you on Open Invitation, I just hope all your fans enjoy the music and much as we enjoyed making it!  Shoutout to all the great musicians who played on the tracks with us, to Dee and Brittani Cole, and to our trusty Macs which worked their butts off as we mixed this record!  FB: Soundcloud: Home Page: Blog: Videos: Label: Flash site Twitter:   @gabrieljazz Linked In: Face Book: Wedge 'Gabriel' Signature Mouthpiece line: Windtunnel Music SOCAN and Jordan Balter Music BMI
Liner notes for 'Kissed By The Sun' (2012) by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach WTM 361399 1. King James 2. Lock It Up 3. Kindness 4. Funk In Deepfreeze 5. UnReal Blues 6. Kissed By The Sun 7. It’s Real 8. Starpixie 9. Ready When You Are 10. No One Like You Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, valve trombone, alto flute, evi Jeff Lorber: keys, guitar,bass Chuck Loeb: guitar on Funk In DeepFreeze Brian Bromberg: bass on Funk In Deep Freeze Rock Hendricks: tenor sax on King James Walle Larsson: tenor sax on Lock It Up Rob Tardik: solo guitar on It's Real Oliver Lieber: guitar on King James, No One LikeYou, & It's Real Gary Novak: drums on Funk In Deep Freeze & Kindness Li’l John Roberts: drums on No One Like You Jimmy Brandly: percussion on Starpixie, Lock It Up, Kissed By The Sun Anthony Crawford: bass on UnReal Blues Tony Moore: drums on King James, Kissed By The Sun Star Pixie, Ready When You Are. Lock It Up & UnReal Blues Photos by Elle Camino Photography except back cover by SJR. Graphics by Wind Tunnel Multimedia Gabriel plays his Signature Wedge mouthpieces exclusively. All songs written by Jeff Lorber and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. and published by Songs of Lorb (ASCAP),and WindTunnel Music (SOCAN), except Funk In Deep Freeze, written by Hank Mobley and published by EMI Unart Catalog Inc. Special thanks to Dr. David Harrison at Wedge; Allan Ash Music; Eloisa Sanchez-Cioma; Randolph Borromeo; Tak Maeda; Massullo Music; Miles Black; Bob Kroeker; Willi Germann; Anthony Chamberlist; Stephan Earest; Jeremy Monteiro; Troy Tremblay; Mary and Doug Kirk... And my wife, my biggest fan and supporter, Sylvia Ronahan, who loves and believes in me and my music without reservation. The "underheard' Brian Savage could not be on this project due to technical reasons. but I thank him for the musical contribution nonetheless. Likewise with Paul Brown, Steve Oliver, Marion Meadows & Miles Black, who I hoped to have as guests on this recording.      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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